Overriding and Changing Templates

Project Huddle template files contain the markup and template structure for front-end and admin of your project interface. There are two different methods for changing the output of Project Huddle in the admin and front end of your site. 

Use Built In Hooks

This method protects against upgrade issues, as the template files can be left completely untouched. Hooks can be used to filter output or add additional code to your project or admin page. You can find the many hooks by looking at the ProjectHuddle source code.

Edit The Original Template Files

This gives you more control over the layout of the template files. Any of the template files can be customized via a theme or child theme. First, create a folder in your theme or child theme called project-huddle. Then copy the individual template files located in the templates folder of the plugin. 


The folder structure in your theme or child theme must match the folder structure of the plugin. For instance, if you move a template file from the projects folder of the plugin, you must place it in a projects subfolder in your theme’s project-huddle folder.
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