Price Increase Next Week

Just a heads up! We’ll be increasing our prices on October 21st 2019, as we continue to improve and evolve SureFeedback. We also wanted to take a moment and share with everyone what’s in store.

New Pricing Tiers

We’ve put out a lot of exciting updates recently and we’re got more to come! We’re raising our prices to help fund and fuel these recent and upcoming releases.

Renewal Discounts

We want to reward customer’s by offering a discount on renewals. If you renew your license before expiration(or keep automatic renewals enabled) you’ll get a nice discount!

Grandfathered Pricing

Anyone who already owns SureFeedback and has an active subscription (your license has not expired) will be grandfathered into the current pricing. That means if you have not purchased yet, now is the time to get in on our current prices.

What’s New

We recently released the client site plugin which allows for seamless client access and WordPress admin commenting.

A centralized task dashboard that changes the way you visualize, assign, and sort all your tasks.

There were many other improvements too. Such as automatic screen shots, task notifications, sketch syncing, and more.

What’s on the horizon


We’re beefing up integrations with Zapier, Trello, Slack and other project management tools to further speed up your workflow.

Task Statuses

Organize your projects with a system that works for you with custom categories for tasks.

Website Approvals

Give your team the green light with web page and website approvals.

Batched And Daily/Weekly Emails

Throttle notifications into fewer emails and daily email reports.

Private Notes

Leave private notes that only you and your team can see, so you can discuss items behind the scenes.

Realtime Feedback

Upgrade SureFeedback to a realtime feedback experience, including live chat with clients.

Much, more. Check our our roadmap.

Last chance to get in at our current price

Our new pricing will be launching October 21st. There’s still time to grab a SureFeedback at our current pricing.

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