New Update: Goodbye logins, hello easy!

We’ve just released one of the biggest updates to SureFeedback since we launched!

The Client Website Plugin

This easy-to-install add-on streamlines feedback for your clients. Add the plugin to your client’s WordPress website to enable feedback without the need for creating accounts or using access links. Your client’s identities are automatically synced with your SureFeedback dashboard site – no additional logins or configuration is required!

Features Overview

No Extra Logins

The Client Website plugin makes feedback dead simple for your clients. In fact, clients won’t need to do anything different than login to their own website. If they are logged into their own site, they can automatically leave comments.

WordPress Admin Commenting

Provide more resources to your clients through WP Admin commenting. Select this option to leave comments in the WordPress admin area of their site. Communicate on how to use tools, answer questions about how plugin features work or even prevent clients from changing dangerous settings. ?

Perfect For Website Care/Maintenance Plans

Because SureFeedback only shows comments for your client’s user accounts, you can keep the child plugin activated after website launch and use it to implement your website care plan. 

Manage your questions and change requests from a single dashboard or connect to your own task management systems via Zapier. Streamlining processes saves you and your client hundreds of hours and helps you provide first-grade website support!

Allow Site Visitors

Site visitors no longer need a special access link to leave comments. Give site visitors the option to leave feedback, without the need to create user accounts.

Centralized Project Dashboard

Manage your feedback all in one place! Get a bird’s-eye view of everything that’s happening across all of your client’s sites, take action and provide the best website support for your clients!

Completely White Label

As always, the Client Website plugin is completely white label! Update the settings so that the plugin name, description, author, and website. Showcase your agency and position yourself as the expert in your field.

Available for all licenses!

Update SureFeedback now and start streamlining feedback for your clients!

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