Introducing version 3. Faster, prettier, and more productive than ever.

3.0 features many under-the-hood improvements as well as paving the way for future functionality and addons. Here’s a look at what’s new.

Core updates & UI Improvements

The SureFeedback core was updated and modernized, including standardizing endpoints between mockups and websites. Additionally, the UI and icons were improved throughout the plugin to provide a cleaner, more modern experience.

Resolve Mockup Conversations

Improve your productivity on mockups with granular control over conversations, with the ability to resolve conversation threads.

Seamless login

Login and self registration works without page reload, creating a more seamless experience.

Comment Resolve History

You can now see very quickly who resolved or unresolved conversation threads at a glance! This helps improve the audit trail of your project and conversations.

Improved Version Handling

Comments now persist between versions, making it much easier to continue the conversation.

Additional Website Debug Information

Website comments now show additional debug information, including what html element was clicked and the css selector of the element:

And much more, including:

  • New mockup versions now have the option to resolve all comments when updating to new version.
  • Comment conversation threads now paginate to increase initial loading speed.
  • Mockup projects now require user accounts – users can self-register when comments are left.
  • Website comments reordering now persists between users.
  • Comment resolve actions are now recorded in a conversation
  • Mockups API updated.
  • Improved logging for debug purposes
  • Improved session handling using custom table to prevent wp_options leak.
  • Website comments can now be viewed by hovering instead of clicking.
  • Website comment drag and drop improved.
  • Database upgrades are done async in the background.
  • Updated default brand color.
  • Website projects now display screenshots of pages in gallery format.
  • Website install code updated to bust cache and work asynchronously.
  • Updated versions functionality to better mirror WordPress revisions.
  • Post type permalinks now correctly redirect in application.

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