SureFeedback 2.1.0 – Beautiful formatting, mockups revamp and more.

We’re incredibly excited to announce SureFeedback version 2.1. We’ve been listening to all of your feedback and have been hard at work to make SureFeedback the best it can be.

This release includes a ton of mini-improvements, bug fixes and overall enhancements including:

Mockups: Better and Faster Than Ever ⚡️

Mockups have been completely revamped from the ground-up and they’re better and faster than ever. In addition to using the new WordPress API, comment saving speed has improved as well as some awesome UI improvements.

New Front-End Comment Navigation + Updated UI

Mockup comments bubbles now have the refreshed UI, so long comment threads no longer take up the whole screen. And we’ve also introduced a comment panel that puts you at a bird’s eye view of all comments. There’s no need to go searching around the page anymore!

Updated Mockup URL for Better Compatibility

You’ll notice your mockups now have ‘/mockup/’ in the URL instead of ‘/project/’ ! Many themes and plugins are already using the “project” url which was causing issues. SureFeedback now uses the more unique “mockup” slug in the url to prevent this issue.

Communicate masterfully with beautiful formatting

You now have more power to express yourself. We’ve added a powerful new visual editor that gives you rich content formatting. Highlight your text to bold, italicize, make lists, add hyperlinks and even code snippets. Go ahead and give it a shot!

ProjectHuddle Formatting

Even more flexibility with great new options

Automatically Hide Comment Bubbles After Commenting
Moving quick and want to sprinkle a ton of comments quickly? Now you can!

Hide Resolved Comment Pins on Websites
Remove clutter and keep a clean view: now you can hide resolved comments pin to focus on which comments are remaining.

Get this amazing upgrade now.

If you have SureFeedback, update your plugin at any time to enable these features. If you’re interested in more of what SureFeedback has to offer – check it out!

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